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A machine that ships everything:

Season 2 has reminded me why I ship everything to at least some extent.

(long gushing ahead)

I kind of didn’t want to ship Carter and Reese, at least during season 1, because of the whole they-wouldn’t-trust-each-other thing, but now I can see them having an awesome partnership (whether there’s a romance there or not). One thing I like about them is they both have this very rigid exterior with a core of BAMFness, and although we don’t know the exact circumstances of what happened to Carter’s SO, I suspect that there are some parallels with the Jessica scenario. The point of all this is that they can relate to each other, despite having some disagreements due to the whole vigilante vs. lawful good thing.

The wonderful loyalty between Reese and Finch and the “he’s my friend” thing from this season have completely outweighed the “but they’re straight, see?” backstory in terms of whether I ship them. I just love their relationship so much, whether it’s a bromance or romance or whatever.

Rusco. Yep. It’s a little one-sided (OK, maybe more than a little), but I love the idea of them throwing sarcasm bombs at each other and having a relationship that goes beyond the don’t-kill-me vibe of the first season, because they do¬†care about each other, whatever that means.

I also ship Carter and Fusco, because it would be adorable and stable and did I mention adorable? And if they aren’t in a romantic relationship, then I also fully support them being best friends.

Other things that I support but won’t go into detail about because this post is getting long:

  • Eliasface (which I’m calling canon due to That Screencap until otherwise noted)
  • Reese/Zoe (because it would involve an abundance of witty banter and fabulous coats)
  • Inch (because of the potential for angsty backstory)

ALSO: I’d like to thank the powers that be for not establishing any present-day romances yet, and for focusing on the relationships between the cast (platonic ones included).

If you’ve gotten this far, then thank you for reading the inconsequential thoughts of a multishipper. May you go in peace, whatever your ship(s) may be.

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